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Beat Headphones is all about the finest sets of headphones for music professionals and enthusiasts. We explain the different models available, why they are so good and where to buy. We start with the Dr Dre range which have received so much attention of late.
Since 2006, famous rapper and producer, Dr. Dre, has been working with Jimmy Iovine to make studio-quality headphones and music accessories. Dre Beats Headphones were created so that the world could hear what music was intended to sound like in the studio and at home.

The Dre Beats Headphones Range

Dre Beats Headphones are designed by music makers, for music makers and music enthusiasts alike. Beat Headphones currently come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Beats Headphones are versatile, and come in Pro style, Studio, Wireless, Mixr and Solo(HD). Studio quality headphones are the original Dre Beat Headphones. They took the world by storm, as fans became able to hear their favorite music as the artist had intended. Tour headphones replace dull, tinny, sounds from cheap earbuds, and replace them with high quality in ear headphones. Pro style Dre Beats Headphones are professional quality headphones used in sound studios all over the world. They are designed for sound engineers and professional musicians.
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Dr. Dre Studio High Definition Headphones - Black
Dre also offers wireless headphone, making your musical experience even more effortless. Whether you are a professional in the music industry or an every day music enthusiast, wireless headphones are perfect for you! Wireless headphones let you enjoy your music without cords getting in the way, and even allow you to adjust volume, switch off your music player, or change your song selection without touching your music player. The Mixr Beat Headphones are perfectly built for Djs. David Guetta worked with Dre to create a lighter and louder set of headphones, crafted specifically for professional Djs. After thousands of tries, the Mixr Beat Headphones by Dre are perfect professional DJ headphones.
Beats Solo HD[easyazon-image align="right" asin="B008EQ1Z2O" locale="uk" height="160" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41LbrvNCGlL._SL160_.jpg" width="137"] headphones are a lighter version of the Dre Beats Studio Headphones. The Beats Solo HD headphones are small enough to travel with you in a bag or purse, while still delivering the same audio quality that Dr. Dre is famous for. Beats Solo HD also comes equipped with a microphone for voice calls.

Features of Beat Headphones

Beat Headphones are lightweight, extremely durable, and deliver clearer sounds than ever heard through normal store-bought headphones or earbuds . Dre Headphones take away the poor sound quality that separates a person from truly understanding and appreciating their favorite artist. These quality headphones reduce outside noise, helping professionals and music enthusiasts focus solely on their music.

Why Dre Beats Headphones Are Best in Their Class

Dre's quality headphones deliver clearer, studio-quality, sound than ever experienced before. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have truly revolutionized the way professionals and music lovers experience listening and recording music. Dre Beats have customized headphones for all walks of life, from professional Djs to your average music fans. No matter what your role is in designing and appreciating great music, there is a set of Dre Beats Headphones made specifically for you!

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